Multi-finger Caliper (MFC)

Multi-Finger Caliper tools provide direct, accurate and reliable measurements of internal tubing and casing diam­eters. Used in both drilling and production environments, applications include the evaluation of corrosion, erosion, wear, bending, buckling, pits, holes and other defects with high accuracy.

Measuring fingers move radially along the inner casing or tubing wall, detecting any diameter change. This produces a high resolution record of the tubular geometry which can be viewed and presented as a conventional log, a cross section, or a 3-D color enhanced image.

The Multi-Finger Caliper may also be used to measure the build-up of scale, paraffin or other mineral deposits in the wellbore. Auxiliary measurements include an integral wellbore temperature probe, along with deviation and relative bearing information. A range of instrument diameters with different finger arrays are available to provide optimized measurements in tubulars ranging from 2-3/8 in. to 13-3/8 in. diameter.





  • Available in 24, 40, and 56 fingers 
  • Optional Extension Kit available for all sizes
  • Combinable with all Pegasus Series Tools
  • Compatible with PegasusStar Cased Hole Logging Platform
  • Has Built-in Wellbore Temperature and 3-axis accelerometer able to provide crucial information about the Well Conditions  including: Temperature, Deviation and Finger position 
  • MIPSPro ™ Compatible for analysis and reporting
  • Warrior Compatible

       MFC-40 Plot